E Fund Education Foundation

E Fund Education Foundation (Guangzhou) was formally approved by Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs and established on November 30, 2007 with E Fund Management Co., Ltd. as its sole sponsor. The original registered funds of it amounted to USD 1.6 million, all of which were contributed by E Fund Management Co., Ltd. The mission of the Foundation is to "care for and support education, promote development of education". The business scope of the Foundation covers accepting donations, preserving and increasing values of operating funds, funding projects related to education, as well as legally, safely and efficiently operate the Foundation's funds according to relevant national laws, regulations and the Foundation Constitution, achieving the steady growth of fund assets.

Nature of E Fund Education Foundation is a non-public charity foundation. The Foundation developed its "Foundation Constitutions" according to the "Regulations on Foundation Management" issued by the State Council and set up the Council as its daily management institution.

As the main donor of the Foundation, E Fund Management Co., Ltd. has committed to make annual donations of up to 5% of the Company's annual profit. Meanwhile, it will also actively promote the employees, employees’ families, corporate clients and public individuals and institutions to provide donations to the Foundation. Council of the Foundation develops detailed funds using plan on an annual basis, based on the funding criteria developed by the Foundation Council, and proposes the list of the students in need and provide subsidies. It is clearly defined in the Foundation's Articles of Association that the Foundation assets not used should be submitted to E Fund Management Co., Ltd. for investment management. Relying on the professional management of the Company, value of Foundation funds may be preserved and increased. This practice sets an unprecedented example for domestic charitable funds' asset management.

Based on the principle of legality, safety and effectiveness, E Fund Education Foundation strives to further improve the Foundation's operating programs, sum up and borrow good experience from other foundations, thus to continuously promote the public welfare and make contributions to building a harmonious community.

Up to December 31, 2017, E Fund Education Foundation has donated about USD 13.8 million and sponsored nearly 20,000 students with poverty issue in over 30 schools and other educational institutions.

Our Profile

E Fund is one of the largest asset managers in China with over USD 189 billion AUM and over 67 million investors, as of December 31, 2017.

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